Friday, August 21, 2009

Today was, apparently, Arts & Crafts Day. I decided, once it wasn't quite so hot as balls, to print and test out some shrinky dink I snagged at Blick (art store chain). So I did. I took the Fall Out Boy chibis that seemed so well received (admittedly, by friends & fans so maybe it doesn't count) and the Plaguey concept, along with my logos to fill some space. The results are what you see above. They should be in my store soon but I'm doing an unofficial pre-order type thing now for them. Let me know in a comment or Twitter @reply or DM or (if you're privvy to such things) an IM or email that you want one and your name & order shall be added to my magical list. They'll be $4 shipped (and by shipped, I mean sent in an envelope with some stickers and a business card). If you want some extra special treatment, for an extra $1, I'll add a tiny bit of chainmaille to it (see second picture). Why is it extra? Those are goddamned tiny rings, okay? Tiny. They make my fingers hurt after a while.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More stuff to show

Duncan is now done! YAY! He want to be a superhero bunny. =^.^= I might do more of him I'm not sure but this one is for sale $25.00. He wont be up on my store yet but if you wish to buy him now just e-mail me.

Also up but not for sale are my props for DEATH THE KID cosplay. made his rings big because I would have had a hard time taking them off anyway =>.>= His tie has a pin so it's easy to put on. I hope I can cosplay as him and if I can't these will be up for sale I guess.


hand made cellphone charms

Oh my another update, still working on my Dunny's but here are some cellphone charms I worked on and finished recently. YES they are for sale and if you wish to buy visit my store but they wont be up soon do to the fact I have to pay to up grade sorry. BUT after I get paid from work and do my commissions they will be up for sale soon...I hope. The charms are of animals and little spirit orbs from left to right (death, ninja, demon, angel *has painted wings on back* and pirate) These are only 2 of a kind and I'm going to continue a series of 2 of a kinds with animals and more spirit orbs, if you have any segestions for spirits please share I tend to run out of ideas fast.

- mooshu

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dunny's in the works

My dunnys in the work. The first is Sleeping super hero. Just have the base color down the details shall come later. He's gonna be cute =^.^=

The next dunny I don't know what he is going to become. He has an ear ring gloves and goggles =>.>= No color base for him yet I have to buy more paint =-.-'= Well that's what I'm working on now and another toy that is a TV Head still don't know what i'm doing with him. Hope this holds you guys over.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr. Benzadrine, Day 3

I think it's day three now... Anyways, more progress on Benzie. I'm trying something on the face and it's not really working well (or photographing the way it actually looks) so I'm calling it a partial fail for now. Might just be the light (or lack thereof) in here. But yes. Main body is done, unless I decide to all more detailing that doesn't exist in the actual outift. >.< And I have to quickly paint the curves of the spats. Then hair, face, and making the hat. The hat shall be a feat unto itself. Oi. I'm off to clean up now, and maybe eat, then I'll work on prints, I think. I miss doing prints with all the crazy traditional-but-not-work...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Benzadrine WiP/Moustachette Drop

So! I've started working on a new Mini Munny! He's sort of the graduation gift for a friend so I'm hoping to finish semi quickly. I still need to sculpt his hat once the main body is done but I'm looking forward to it. No idea at all how he's getting back into that box at this point...

In other news, the Moustachette Mini Munny drops tomorrow, 3pm EDT in my Big Cartel shop. Check the side bar for a link.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pete Weiss Dunny

Well, I finally got out and did a photoshoot with him! I give you all... Pete Weiss!

"We are here to make things better at being worse..."
Pete Weiss is an accountant with the MV&P Firm. Not much else is known about him, save that he's quite the charismatic businessman.

The inspiration for this Dunny would require a lot more of both my time and yours than either of us is willing to spend. I think it's best left at saying that Pete Weiss is an alterego Pete Wentz (bassist and lyricist of Fall Out Boy) took on before and during the recently ended Believers Never Die Part Deux tour to make a statement (and shenanigans, but that's a tale for another time). Based on an illustration possibly by Jensen Karp (of Clandestine Industries and G1988) and tour outfits.

You can buy Pete Weiss (the Dunny, not the shirt or the alter ego or the person behind it) HERE on Wednesday, May 27, at 12 noon Eastern time.

♥ & ♠!
Allie/Mad Pierrot

Ninja cat Vinyl

Ninja based off my original character Ninja cat. He is a 2 1/2 inch Koolby Vinyl toy that can become a keychain and can turn his head.

Ninja cat was first created by me when I saw how awesome my cat Haku was at beating up my ex roommate's dogs. He was also able to open doors by the door knobs and vanished in my room by camoflauge with my laptop.

Sad to say ninja cat is not for sale BUT future vinly toys will be and if anyone does want a ninja cat I would gladly make another one.

- mooshu